West Torrens Council

Project Details


  • West Torrens Council


  • Workshop depot and Civic Centre carpark


Scope of Works

  • BCE&CJ Electrical installed a 22kw AC 3 phase dual Schneider EVlink charger, providing charging capabilities for the council's electric vehicles
  • Prior to installation, BCE&CJ Electrical coordinated with the council to assess the available power capacity at each site, this involved ensuring that the electrical infrastructure could handle the demand of the EV chargers
  • The existing switchboard capacity was insufficient, BCE&CJ Electrical performed switchboard upgrades to accommodate the additional power requirements of the EV chargers
  • A communications link was established between the EV chargers and the council's network, this allows for monitoring, management, and remote access to the charging infrastructure
  • BCE&CJ Electrical worked closely with the West Torrens Council throughout the project to ensure compliance with their requirements and standards
  • By completing this installation, BCE&CJ Electrical has contributed to the advancement of EV charging infrastructure and supported the West Torrens Council's efforts in promoting sustainable transportation