Strath Motel

Project Details


  • RAA


  • Strath Motel, Strathalbyn


Scope of Works

  • BCE&CJ Electrical utilized hydro excavation techniques to conduct excavation works at the site. Hydro excavation is a safe and precise method that uses pressurized water and vacuum to remove soil and debris, minimizing the risk of damage to existing infrastructure
  • Two 7kw AC Jetcharge EV units were installed on pedestal bases, providing convenient access for EV owners to charge their vehicles
  • A new dedicated EV distribution board was installed to manage the electrical supply and distribution specifically for the EV charging units
  • BCE&CJ Electrical handled the installation of sub mains, additional electrical supply lines, to support the EV charging infrastructure
  • A communications link was established to ensure proper connectivity and communication between the EV units and monitoring systems
  • Reinstatement works: After the installation, BCE&CJ Electrical performed reinstatement works to restore the site to its original condition, ensuring a clean and tidy appearance
  • BCE&CJ Electrical ensured proper line marking and signage to clearly indicate the designated parking and charging areas for EVS
  • The installed EV units were commissioned, tested, and integrated with Chargefox for seamless operation. Handover processes were completed to transfer the project to RAA
  • By completing this installation project at Strath Motel, BCE&CJ Electrical has contributed to the expansion of EV charging infrastructure, promoting sustainable transportation options for visitors and guests