Port Adelaide Plaza

Project Details


  • Chargefox


  • Port Adelaide Plaza



Scope of Works

  • BCE&CJ Electrical recently completed a significant project at Port Adelaide Plaza, involving the installation of an ABB 120kw DC charging station, the project was carried out in collaboration with Chargefox and Port Adelaide Plaza management, with a focus on minimizing disruption to the site
  • To facilitate the installation, civil works and power shutdowns were scheduled during night time hours to minimize inconvenience to the plaza, the installation process included various components and measures to ensure the efficient operation of the charging station
  • The electrical infrastructure within the plaza was upgraded to accommodate the charging station, including the installation of a 200A circuit protection and metering coordination within the plaza's distribution board, additionally, a roof-mounted cable tray and under ground infrastructure were put in place to support the charging station's power supply
  • Other essential elements of the installation included the provision of submains supply, an EV distribution board, and the installation of a 120kw ABB DC charging dual unit, to enhance security and monitoring, a CCTV camera system was also installed
  • Car park modifications, line marking, and signage were carried out to ensure clear and safe navigation for electric vehicle users, finally, the commissioning of the charging unit was conducted in collaboration with Chargefox, ensuring that the unit was fully operational and integrated into the Chargefox network
  • Through this project, BCE&CJ Electrical, Chargefox, and Port Adelaide Plaza aimed to establish a high-capacity DC charging infrastructure that facilitates convenient and reliable charging for electric vehicles, while also considering the smooth functioning of the plaza and minimizing disruptions during installation