Lakes Resort

Project Details


  • RAA


  • Lakes Resort, West Lakes


Scope of Works

  • BCE&CJ Electrical installed three 7kw AC Jetcharge EV units at the site, these units were mounted on walls, providing convenient and accessible charging points for electric vehicles
  • A new dedicated EV distribution board was installed to manage the electrical supply and distribution specifically for the EV charging units. This ensures properal location of power and safe operation of the charging infrastructure
  • BCE&CJ Electrical handled the installation of sub mains, additional electrical supply lines, to support the EV charging infrastructure, ensuring an adequate power supply for the units
  • A communications link was established to facilitate connectivity and communication between the EV units and monitoring systems, allowing for remote monitoring and management of the charging infrastructure
  • BCE&CJ Electrical ensured proper line marking and signage to clearly indicate designated parking and charging areas for EVS, guiding users to the appropriate locations
  • The installed EV units were commissioned, thoroughly tested, and integrated with Chargefox for seamless operation. Handover processes were completed to transfer the project to RAA
  • Overall, this installation project by BCE&CJ Electrical at the Lakes Resort aimed to provide a reliable and efficient charging solution for electric vehicles, benefiting both the resort and EV users